Our Mission

Cryptosat builds satellites that power blockchain and crypto applications. We are leveraging the most secure root-of-trust in space to build trusted oracles and a space-based blockchain.

Our Team

Yan Michalevsky
Crypto and Security

2nd time founder. Founded Anjuna - a security company pioneering Confidential Computing. PhD from Stanford University.

Yonatan Winetraub

2nd time founder. Founded SpaceIL - the first private moon-mission. PhD from Stanford University.

Elad Sagi
Satellite Systems Lead

30 years of experience in the space industry including a lunar mission by SpaceIL. Helped found the TEL Aviv Nano satellites center, which built the TAUSAT 1&2, and the TEVEL program - which built and launched 8 satellites in various high schools across Israel.

Sebastian Boëthius
Software Lead

Multiple years of experience as a CTO in several companies, including in the MedTech field, working with sensitive health data and HCI. Manages, leads and builds hardware-interfacing software products and cloud solutions with a business oriented mindset.

Efrat Peer
Head of Business Operations

Experienced professional supporting the business operations in tech, with 10 years of experience in corporate (P&G/Amazon) and start-ups (StreamElements).

Amir Benvenisti

Amir leads Product at Cryptosat. He previously led the open source team at Accurics (acquired by Tenable) where he was focused on developing products that enhance security and developer productivity. A veteran of the security industry, Amir has over 10 years of experience in cyber security and software development. Amir has a bachelor’s from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from Stanford.

Denis Makarov
Lead Software Engineer

Denis has over ten years of experience with embedded systems development. He holds a PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and is passionate about building high-throughput real-time systems.

Daniel Bar
Business Development

Decentralized web entrepreneur. Founder of Bitfwd - a boutique hedge fund and venture builder. Focused on cross border Blockchain innovation and open source developer communities.

Jerzy Lasyk
Software Engineer

Jerzy is experienced software developer with over 10 years in the field, driven by a passion for solving complex problems. His expertise lies in Cloud, Blockchain technology, and modern application development.

Christopher Shepherd
Principal Engineer

Christopher is a seasoned software engineer with a lifelong passion for programming, dating back to his Atari 800 days at the age of five. Throughout his 30-year career, he's held diverse roles, from system administrator to lead developer, and has worked on a wide range of projects, including wide-area networks, payment systems, video streaming, and Martian colony simulations.

Our Advisors

Prof. Dan Boneh
Professor at Stanford University

Dr. Boneh is a Stanford Professor leading applied cryptography and computer security. His work includes contributions to blockchain and zero-knowledge proof systems. He's received several awards and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Omer Shlomovits

Omer is a cryptographer and serial entrepreneur. He was the co-founder and head of research of Zengo, and is the founder and CEO of Ingoyama, developing hardware solutions for accelerating zero-knowledge computation and other cryptographic protocols.

Matt Pauker
Advisor and Investor

Matt Pauker is an SF-based investor and advisor. He was the co-founder of Voltage (acquired by HP) and of 21E6 (acquired by Coinbase).

Ben Fisch

Dr. Fisch is a Yale Assistant Professor and CEO of Espresso Systems. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford, where his research contributions include constructions for VDFs, Proofs of Replication and recursive zkSNARKs.

Juan Benet

Juan Benet is the founder and CEO of Protocol Labs that develops the Filecoin protocol, and the inventor of the Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS). He received his BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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Be part of a revolutionize the cyber security industry, harnessing the unique properties of space that are literally out of this world