Crypto-satellites that power blockchain and cryptography

Crypto1 launch aboard a SpaceX rocket - May 25th, 2022
Cube satellite
Cube satellites (Cubesats) are miniature satellites made from off the shelf components. The costs of building cube satellites and launching them into space has dramatically declined in the past decades and will continue to do so as the technology gains more widespread adoption. We believe they are ideally suited for applications requiring trust.
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Cube satellites are completely tamper proof. Once in orbit, no one can physically access them which means no one can physically hack them or modify them for malicious purposes.
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All communications with cube satellites happen in the open. Everyone with an antenna can listen to the satellites' transmissions which means they cannot lie without people noticing.
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Every satellite ever launched is monitored by space agencies such as ​NORAD​. If something happens to our satellites we will know about it.

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