cEDGE: Transformative Connectivity + Compute

Revolutionize Satellite Capabilities
Experience the future of satellite connectivity with cEDGE. Boasting flight heritage, this innovative solution seamlessly integrates with AWS, delivering unparalleled edge compute capabilities while establishing secure Iridium satellite cross links for global connectivity.
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Experience the Power
of Flight Heritage
With a robust flight heritage, cEDGE has proven its reliability in the demanding conditions of space. Trust in a solution that's been tested and optimized to excel in even the harshest environments.
Seamless Edge Compute
Integration with AWS
Take your edge compute tasks to new heights with cEDGE's seamless integration with AWS. Elevate your projects with the power of cloud computing, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and unparalleled performance.
Global Connectivity with
Iridium Satellite Cross Links
Connect anywhere, anytime. cEDGE's cutting-edge Iridium satellite cross links provide global coverage, ensuring your data reaches its destination no matter where you are. Stay connected in remote areas and enhance the reach of your applications.

Why Choose cEDGE?

Built on a foundation of flight heritage, cEDGE guarantees performance even in the most challenging conditions.
Seamlessly scale your edge compute tasks with the power of AWS integration, adapting to the growing demands of your projects.
Global Reach
Break free from ground station limitations. cEDGE's Iridium satellite cross links ensure connectivity from pole to pole in any LEO orbit.
Trust in a secure solution designed to protect your data and communications, keeping your information confidential and uncompromised.

Join the Future of Edge Computing with cEDGE

Explore the limitless possibilities that cEDGE offers. Elevate your edge compute experience and revolutionize the way you connect and process data. Take the next step towards innovation and success with Cryptosat's cEDGE.
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