Our Mission

Cryptosat builds satellites that power blockchain and crypto applications. We are leveraging the most secure root-of-trust in space to build trusted oracles and
a space-based blockchain.

Our Team
Yan Michalevsky
Crypto and Security
2nd time founder. Founded Anjuna - a security company pioneering Confidential Computing. PhD from Stanford University.
Yonatan Winetraub
2nd time founder. Founded SpaceIL - the first private moon-mission. PhD from Stanford University.
Elad Sagi
Satellite Systems Lead
30 years of experience in the space industry including a lunar mission by SpaceIL. Helped found the TEL Aviv Nano satellites center, which built the TAUSAT 1&2, and the TEVEL program - which built and launched 8 satellites in various high schools across Israel.
Sebastian Boëthius
Software Lead
Multiple years of experience as a CTO in several companies, including in the MedTech field, working with sensitive health data and HCI. Manages, leads and builds hardware-interfacing software products and cloud solutions with a business oriented mindset.
Efrat Peer
Head of Business Operations
Experienced professional supporting the business operations in tech, with 10 years of experience in corporate (P&G/Amazon) and start-ups (StreamElements).
Denis Makarov
Lead Software Engineer
Denis has over ten years of experience with embedded systems development. He holds a PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and is passionate about building high-throughput real-time systems.
Daniel Bar
Business Development
Decentralized web entrepreneur. Founder of Bitfwd - a boutique hedge fund and venture builder. Focused on cross border Blockchain innovation and open source developer communities.
Join Us
Be part of a revolutionize the cyber security industry, harnessing the unique properties of space that are literally out of this world.